My Approach to Chiropractic

Chiropractor Fort Collins - John ZimmermanMy goal for each patient is to provide lasting relief in as few visits as possible.  This is accomplished by my paying careful attention and working hard.  I ask many questions to get to know you better and check to see your progress before and after each visit.

I approach Chiropractic first as a doctor, meaning I take a thorough history of your complaints and past injuries.  I then do an examination to determine why you have pain or difficulty in movement.  We then discuss my findings so that you understand what is wrong.  I have models and charts that make it clear.  If you need x-rays I refer you back to your family doctor or an orthopedist.  I have very fine doctors that I refer people to if you need more diagnostic help or if your problems would not be solved by chiropractic care.  If I can help you and you agree, then I treat you on that first visit.  I will also tell you your prognosis or how long treatment will take and what recovery will look like.

As we work together, treating you brings a new level of information.   How important was that old injury, or that difficulty with your knee, to your back or neck?  Treatment answers those questions.   On each visit I ask questions about your progress, ask for your questions, check the areas I am treating again, and then treat you.  Treatment is often not the same from visit to visit.  Treatment is based on how you are progressing and where you are still having difficulties.  I want you to get better and stay better as quickly as possible.  I take pride in my work.

Chiropractic Adjustment Fort CollinsThe hallmark or defining feature of the manipulation of joints is immediate relief.  It varies by how much pain you are in, how long you have been in pain and your overall health.   People nearly always feel better after each visit.  When I am done treating you I recheck to see if there is improvement.  It is important that I am able to demonstrate to both of us that you are better.  By following these procedures people get good and lasting relief in as few visits as possible.

Each visit usually includes spinal manipulation and treatment of sore muscles. I also give exercises and stretches and postural cues.  I am trained in the Franklin Method which is a therapy from dance that uses proper movement through understanding anatomy.  I also give balance exercises. I work with my hands.   When a problem is identified I work to understand it in terms of your job as well as your activities of daily life and recreation so that I may better help you.  I ask a lot of questions.

I continue to keep up on the latest research in the field of health. If I don’t know the answer to one of your questions, I will find out.  I have a broad background in sport, nutrition, and exercise. I have managed health clubs, been a vegetarian cook, taught cooking classes, and played soccer, basketball, and tennis.  If I cannot help you or if we reach the end of my helping you, I will have a good place and practitioner to refer you.

I work Monday, Wednesday and Friday but am nearly always available and, on the off days, I answer the phone. I look forward to hearing from you.